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  • Authorised reseller of MYOB products
  • Setup of MYOB accounting/payroll
  • Accounting
  • Company Secretary
  • Corporate & individual taxation service
  • SME financing with our banking partners
  • Serviced office (workstation/office space)
  • Quarterly GST F5/F7 GST submission
  • PIC Cash Payout submission
  • IRAS income tax/GST investigative work
  • Annual return and ACRA filing
  • GST registration/de-registration
  • Incorporation/strike-off
  • Corporate advisory
  • Singapore custom application
  • Tradexchange services application
  • Payroll services
  • AIS submission
  • Trademark registration
  • Customised training for MYOB
  • Customised training for GST/taxation

Regulatory & Company Act Amendment

More than 200 legislative amendments have been effective since July 2015 and January 2016. These changes impacts you as directors of the company, duties as directors, company compliance with respect to corporate secretarial compliance including ACRA lodgement. Do you know :

  • Company M&A is now merged as Constitution
  • Directors can be debarred from appointment
  • ACRA lodgement system has been changed
  • Electronic register conversion
  • CEO needs to disclose interests in company
  • Privacy option for directors to show alternative address
  • Audit exemption extend to $10m under small private company
  • Financial statement exemption for unlisted dormant company
  • No shareholder approval for reappointment of directors > 70 years old
  • Strike-off provision application shorten to 60 days
  • Provision of directors’ indemnity by company
  • > 200 legislative amendments effective Jan 2016

How does this impact my business?

  • Compliance changes and requirement as company secretary – Non or late compliance leads to unnecessary and avoidable penalties
  • Directors and CEO responsibilities
  • Company may need to change processes and reallocate resources
  • Potential productivity gains and cost savings
  • Financial reporting changes from small company and dormant company exemptions
  • Impact of new compliance requirements on business model
  • Infrastructure/IT investment for sustainability

Financial, Tax, CPF, Payroll and GST changes

There are many changes impacting financial reporting/audit, updates on FRS, updates in company taxation and GST. Do you know :

  • Audit exemption has been extended to $10m under small private company audit exemption
  • Exemption for presentation of financial statements for qualifying dormant company
  • Step up by ACRA compliance surveillance on company financial statements
  • Changes to financial statements to statement of comprehensive income and financial position
  • Impact of various FRSs effective Jan 2015
  • Merging of directors’ report and statements to directors’ statement
  • Updates on GST registration, reimbursements/ disbursements, GST price display requirements, re-import of goods, Pre-registration GST claims, extension of MES etc
  • Updates on transfer pricing
  • Changes on CPF rates effective Jan 2016
  • Issuance of monthly itemised payslips to employees covered under the Employment Act effective April 2016

What do you need to do?

  • Ensure your company has prepared for the changes
  • Ensure all your directors and CEO are aware of their responsibilities
  • Ensure that your shareholders are aware of thechanges impacting AGM and financial reporting
  • Ensure that your company secretary is aware and has prepared your company for the changes
  • Ensure that your accountants are aware and have prepared your company for the changes
  • Ensure that your management has set the right tone from the top to lead the company
  • Ensure that you have the right team and system