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Anti-money Laundering Probe: Company Directors be Aware of its Registered Office Address Obligations
September 21, 2023

Following the recent S$2.4b anti-money probe on the 10 suspects linked to 20 Singapore live companies, 11 were not present or…

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3 Things That I Wish I had Learned Earlier (About the coming GST rate change from 8% to 9%)
September 7, 2023

Don’t issue “Advance” invoices before you have delivered the goods or rendered your services to your customer. Ask your accountant to…

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Application of GST “Open Market Value” on commercial pricing transaction – IRAS 0, Herbalife 1
April 20, 2023

In the recent court judgement on 6 March 2023, IRAS failed to enforce the application of open market value on the…

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Trade-off of Board Objectivity vs Knowledge Accumulation
December 15, 2022

Trade-off of Board Objectivity vs Knowledge Accumulation – a relook at the proposed SGX limit on Independent Director (ID) Tenure at…

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Déjà vu – the repeat of the erasable ink fraud
October 7, 2022

We have written about the simple fraud of deception using erasable ink on cheques in our earlier article dated 14 March 2019,…

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“Plant” vs “Structure”
September 8, 2022

An interesting question of whether a constructed Silo operated and deployed by a company (a Singapore tax resident and incorporated company,…

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GST Advance Ruling on Whether the Value of Sale of Property should be Included in the Value of Taxable Supplies in Determining Liability for GST Registration
July 20, 2022

A person is liable to register for GST if his taxable supplies made exceeded S$1m under either the respective test of…

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Learn the mistakes of others…….The case of Missing Money
April 22, 2022

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Learn from the mistakes of others … You can’t live long enough to make them all…

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