When you have to leave a client, job or relationship, parting ways gracefully is an art for which the mastery of a good ending will reward one with lasting benefits.

Some will choose to do it in a big bang while others in an uneventful way. As in most relationship, it is emotional. Here’s how to keep the emotional breast at bay and do it the sane way.

  1. Setting it right from the start

Plan early and prepare emotionally for the communication of the exit. Start laying the ground works for the lead-up for a face-to-face discussion with the manager or client. People do not like unpleasant surprises and an early transparent process will help to put everyone at ease.

2. Create a positive transition

Do a review of what are the outstanding tasks and plan to complete your duties. Prepare for handover and coach others for a smooth transition. Aim to leave the team in a better position than before. Hand over the baton as if you are in a relay race such that the rest have a better chance of winning. The right thing to do is to ride out and serve out your full notice period despite temptation or pressure for an immediate exit.

3. Continue the positive vibes momentum

Free yourself of any frustrations or regrets. Focus on the tasks in hand and do not leave any negativity behind. Avoid any emotional unloading to the rest as this has the effect of “poisoning the water hole” for those who remain. Colleagues left behind, or ex-client that has to continue the accounting or GST quarterly compliance reporting; would have to pick up your work and deal with the damage control long after you are gone. Do not underestimate how this fallout will undermine the good work that you have created over the years.

4. End it the good old fashion way

Before you leave, do a sincere goodbye. Take the time to thank those that has make your stay meaningful and do not take for granted the rapport that you have developed no matter how brief is the relationship. Keep it professional and remember, less is more when it comes to ending.

Life is an interesting journey.  You never know who you may end up working with or for in the future or who know people or know you. As in similar fashion how the viral load contributes to the super spread of COVID-19, acquaintances creates its wonders.