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“Too Good to be True”
April 16, 2021

When a deal is too good, it is always true that it may be a scam. The recent IRAS GST Act…

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Business Owner Guide to Corruption
December 9, 2020

A former assistant sales manager of a wine company was fined $3,000 for corruption on 7 Dec 2020 for paying a…

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Interesting takeaway from the first case of Tax Payer Challenge to IRAS on s33(1) Tax Avoidance in Dr W Vs Comptroller of Income tax
December 1, 2020

Following the IRAS haul on medical professional this year ( Nov 2020), we have seen the first case of challenge by…

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Do you need to seek tax clearance for your foreign & SPR employees who are away from Singapore due to the COVID-19 restriction?
November 11, 2020

Generally, you will need to file an IR21 (and withhold all payments to the employees) tax clearance with IRAS for non-Singapore…

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GST Pitfall: Online Sellers
November 9, 2020

Many local businesses have gone onto the online world to sell its products. With the COVID-19 restriction, this push to online…

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Corporatisation of medical professional does not in itself constitute tax avoidance under s33 in the latest decision of GCL v Comptroller of Income Tax [2020].
June 26, 2020

Following from IRAS guidance in Nov 2019 on advisory to all medical professionals that conduct their medical practice through companies, it…

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