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What is Overseas Vendor Registration (OVR) and how does it matters to you as a customer or supplier ?
July 8, 2021

Before you dismiss this as a GST news that has nothing to do with you as a SME owner or as…

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Impact of COVID-19 on ECL (FRS 109 or SFRS(I) 9)
July 7, 2021

The measurement of ECL reflects a probability-weighted outcome discounted with the time value of money based on the best available forward-looking…

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Another No Man’s Land – Crypto Currencies
July 6, 2021

Cryptocurrency is an intangible digital token that is recorded across numerous distributed individual ledgers in an online infrastructure. The information relating…

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Registrable Controllers – No Longer No Man’s Land
July 5, 2021

In 2017 (effective 31/3/2017), following 1MDB debacle, as part of Singapore improvement on the transparency of beneficial ownership and to delayer…

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A Look at IPT (Interested Party Transaction) Breaches
July 2, 2021

Recent breaches (Jun 2021) include former chief executive officer (CEO) and former executive director of Trek 2000 International for failure to make…

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The Toothless Tiger Gets a New Denture
July 1, 2021

From 1 Aug 2021, SGX RegCo will have expanded enforcement powers to issue public reprimand, or requires issuers comply with specific…

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