As we come to the end of August with the commencement of new academic term in National University of Singapore (NUS), it’s time to say farewell to our interns. We have had such a wonderful 12 weeks with them in our office and we appreciate all of the hard work that they contributed and the meaningful experiences that we as a team shared. This year we had two interns who came from NUS Accountancy Year two (credit-based module) and Year three, both were also specifically selected under the Global Ready Talent training ship. Each intern mentored in our standardised training programme customised to our team portfolio and was paired up with different CKS supervisor that acted as their mentors, intended to provide the interns a different learning experiences.

Over the course of twelve weeks the interns learnt through a structured training programme that covered the key aspects of corporate services from understanding our corporate mission, values, services, CKS SOP, to accounting for companies and GRO, GST quarterly reporting, corporate secretarial and use of accounting software with ABSS and GFast. They gained real-world work experience by working closely with their mentors. They attended daily morning meetings, participated in discussions, did presentation for the SOP that they created and voiced their thoughts and ideas in the weekly reflections. The structured but informal weekly reflections provided meaningful insights to how we can work better with interns as a team in driving our values of Complete relationship of a Knowledge driven Service to our people, client and community.  They had participated together with the team on our 4M, a 360 performance appraisal and it was a really meaningful week for our exit interview to outboard the interns.

I, together with the team are hopeful that your experience at CKS has given you practical experience and meaningful insight that you will be find it useful in future. All the best and we are sincerely hope to see the day that we meet again in the future, perhaps on the other side, as mentees.

CT is a third year NUS Accountancy student under GRT internship from 10 May to 30 July 2021:

“Dear Boss,

I would like to convey my gratitude to you for providing me an opportunity to work with CKS Global Consultants over the summer.

 I have learnt so much during the past 12 weeks during my time with the team and had met great mentors as well as peers who motivates me to be the best version of myself.  Due to many opportunities to work on a wide range of assignments, ranging from using different accounting softwares to completing GST computation for the sole proprietorships and SME, I had a very meaningful and fulfilling experience over the summer.

 I am also very grateful for all the feedback that you have given me during the drafting of the SOP, and the guidance provided when explaining the rationale behind the firm’s internal processes. I would also like to express my appreciation to the two mentors that I have worked with, who not only guided me through the training patiently, but were also open to my suggestions and proposals. I am definitely more confident in myself thanks to you, WS and AK. The team had been extremely welcoming and helpful and have even offered me very informative career advice.

 This internship had definitely changed my mindset and increased my interest towards careers relating to accounting. Once again, thank you for your guidance as it really meant a lot to me.”

HW is a second year NUS Accountancy student under GRT internship as a credit-based module from 24 May to 13 August 2021:

“Hi Boss,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have my internship at CKS. I appreciate how you have intentionally planned a holistic learning experience for the interns, both CT and myself, allowing us to not just pickup technical skills, but to also hone our communication and presentation skills. I’ve always joked with CT how you would give mini TED talks from time-to-time, sharing your experiences and insights with us. Jokes aside, I found them to be valuable, and also picked up a thing or two, such as how we should constantly review our work process which I found it applicable outside of work too! How clients think, and a few others which I have written in the weekly journals and more importantly, encouraging us to adopt a growth mindset. I think this is probably one of my biggest takeaway from this internship, as I believe it is rare to receive such mentorship elsewhere. Thank you for being so understanding and patient with us. I really enjoyed my time here and will recommend CKS to my peers if they’re keen to do an Acc internship.

I wish you & CKS success and all the best !”